SUPERIOR was filmed on location in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the summer of 2014. The production team behind the film consists of eleven young filmmakers that traveled more than 7,000 miles round-trip in a truck and three sedans from Los Angeles to the most remote regions of the Keweenaw Peninsula to tell a story true to its origins. Inspired by the real journey taken by Karl Benda and Dan “Dudza” Junttila more than 40 years ago, SUPERIOR is a snapshot of America in 1969 when futures were uncertain, and yet the most outlandish adventures remained possible.


Beyond the Porch Productions was founded in 2012 by Michigan-native Edd Benda and Washington-native Alex Bell while students at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Edd and Alex found incredible harmony as a Director & Director of Photography combo, and they have found success working in tandem on a wide-array of projects. Their films range from silly commercial promos all the way to their largest undertaking, their debut feature film SUPERIOR. The inseparable pair are in development on several new projects, and are incredibly excited to make their initial stamp on the feature world with SUPERIOR.